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Driven by an ingenious product idea, the creativity and pioneering spirit of our founders inspire us to this day.

At home in Waldkraiburg - Appreciated worldwide.

GF, headquartered in Waldkraiburg in Upper Bavaria, is a recognized partner of the global automotive industry and is used in industrial applications across all sectors. The company was founded in 1946 under the name “Süddeutsche Bremsbelag GmbH”.

In fiscal year 2018, approximately 740 employees at 3 locations in Germany generated sales of €126 million. It is precisely these employees who are our capital. Added to this are seven decades of know-how paired with SGF’s convincing innovative strength. With this strategy, we design tailor-made products for all requirements – under the premise of economy, comfort and safety. Worldwide.

What we can do for you

SGF’s product range includes elastic, temperature-resistant components for torque transmission and vibration damping. The areas of application are mainly in the automotive industry and general machine and plant engineering. The range includes flex couplings in cardan shafts and steering columns, vibration absorbers in drivelines, exhaust hangers and dampers, and various rubber-to-metal parts for the mounting of different aggregates.

Why you should choose SGF

SGF’s product range includes elastic, temperature-resistant components for torque transmission and vibration damping. The areas of application are mainly in the automotive industry and general mechanical and plant engineering. The range includes joint washers in cardan shafts and steering columns, vibration dampers in drive trains, exhaust suspensions and dampers, and various rubber-to-metal parts for the mounting of different aggregates. 

Why to choose SGF

SGF has become the market leader in torque transmission and has 60 years of experience in fiber and binder technology. Special know-how from rubber and silicone processing, along with highly qualified employees and state-of-the-art development and production facilities, is the basis for the high quality standard of our products. SGF is certified according to  IATF 16949, ISO 14001 /45001 / 50001 and Tisax  and thus meets the highest requirements of the automotive industry.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide integrated, coordinated system solutions. System solutions for torque transmission coupled with vibration and noise damping. The focus is not only on the product, but also on the service. Individually adapted to the requirements of our customers. From application-related development to assistance with vehicle maintenance and spare parts procurement.

Our Management-Team

Appreciative leadership, integrity, transparency, trust and tolerance in dealing with each other characterize SGF’s corporate culture and contribute significantly to our success. The management and all employees of SGF are committed to responsible and lawful conduct; this is anchored in SGF’s rules of conduct.

Vision & Mission

With vision, passion and joy for success, we are firmly convinced that we are established as a committed problem solver and reliable partner for our customers. Through our expertise and many years of experience, we are committed to solving their challenges and creating sustainable added value.

As a company with an ear to the market, we know how important it is to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of our customers. That’s why we continuously develop our products and services to offer innovative solutions that meet the highest demands.

Our thinking and actions are characterized by a focus on results and a sense of responsibility. Sustainability, efficiency and environmental awareness are guiding principles that accompany us at every step of our corporate life. We strive to have a positive impact on the environment and society.

As an independent medium-sized family business, we pride ourselves on our agility and flexibility. We respond quickly to change and use it as an opportunity to evolve and provide the best possible support to our customers.

Change is not an obstacle for us, but part of our self-image. We actively shape change and are always looking for new opportunities to revolutionize our industry and set standards.

In our company, we live appreciation, trust and tolerance. These values form the foundation of our corporate culture and shape our relationships with customers, employees and business partners. We create a working environment that is characterized by cooperation, openness and respect.

Our vision drives us to positively impact our customers, our employees and the world around us. We strive to set the benchmark in our industry and achieve sustainable success through continuous innovation and excellent service. 

Corporate Policy

In the more than 75 years since it was founded as a family business, Süddeutsche Gelenkscheibenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (SGF) has developed into a global market leader with its products. We offer our customers individual and sophisticated NVH solutions for decoupling and damping vibrations and noise in the automotive and railroad industries as well as in industrial applications. In the field of metal forming, we manufacture high-strength metal parts for passenger car electric motors.

Our core competencies are closely linked to our mastery of the specialized materials, tools and machine technology used to manufacture our products.

In a wide range of automotive and mechanical engineering applications, our products meet the highest requirements in terms of functionality, safety, service life and comfort. Their constant further development, including processes, in close cooperation with customers and partners, ensures that our technical solutions are always up-to-date and competitive. We sustainably secure the economic future of our company by actively shaping internationalization, product diversification and product innovation.

High customer satisfaction, safety and health of our employees as well as the protection of the environment and resources are priority corporate goals for SGF. Therefore, we consider the continuous improvement of our products, processes, environmental and occupational health and safety performance as well as the energy efficiency of our processes to be both an obligation and a central task.

Demanding quality, environmental, compliance and occupational safety standards in all areas, as well as compliance with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements are driving forces for us. These principles also include the contractual obligation to implement environmental management systems and to comply with labor and social standards. They prohibit unlawful and unethical behavior and oblige us to pass this prohibition on to subcontractors as well.

To implement this corporate policy, SGF maintains an integrated management system for the plants certified according to IATF 16949; ISO 14001 /45001 / 50001 and Tisax. The subsidiary SGF (Thailand) Co. Ltd. maintains a management system according to IATF.

These systems also meet the requirements of the European Automotive Working Group on Supply Chain Sustainability. This makes us a preferred partner in the automotive industry and other sectors.

The Industry business unit and the Hamm development site maintain a management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and are fully integrated into the system.

These principles determine our behavior towards our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and our environment. 

Years Experience

The SGF-Biography


Foundation of the company Süddeutsche Bremsbelagfabrik GmbH (SBF) by the company JURID Werke AG. Production of joint discs and brake pads; distribution via the company JURID Werke AG.


Foundation of the company Hanns Willy Schmidt Elastische Formpressteile (HWS) by Hanns Willy Schmidt. HWS takes over the joint washer production of SBF; sale and shipment by SBF through the distribution network of JURID.


Dipl. Ing. Gerhard Zeidler and Hanns Willy Schmidt found the company Süddeutsche Gelenkscheibenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (SGF). The two companies HWS and SBF are merged into SGF.


Acquisition of TEGU-Schwingungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Waltershausen (Thuringia). Production of rubber-to-metal parts.


Opening of the production site in Kraiburg (Plant 2)


Opening of the production site in the industrial area of Waldkraiburg (Plant 1).


Plant expansion in Waldkraiburg


Opening of the production site SGF Thailand Co. Ltd.


Founding of SGF North America Inc.


Opening of the production site SGF Services s.r.o. in in Czech Republic


Founding of SGF China Co. Ltd.


Founding of SGF Japan

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