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Good vibes, great Sound: SGF components provide effective damping of vibrations around the exhaust system.

SGF, that's

Whether a sporty, dynamic rumble reminiscent of a lion or a distinguished, calm glide: Every high-quality car has its very own characteristic sound. It is not for nothing that almost all car manufacturers have sound labs in which a sound is regularly modeled that precisely matches brand and model. After all, this is about nothing less than emotions – and potential buying arguments.  

In addition to sound, the customer expects driving pleasure without annoying vibrations and noises. An elementary factor here is effective vibration isolation around the exhaust system. Many players from the automotive industry consider our solutions best-in-class to achieve exactly this.

The special feature of our products: They enable precise positioning of the exhaust with as few suspension points as possible. Moreover, our patented thread reinforcement ensures up to 10 times the service life of conventional products.

Years Experience
Sound matters: We know about the many conflicting goals in hanger systems. That is precisely why we are doing everything in our power to ensure that in the future, too, we will be among the best and at the same time the best value for money.
Klaus Steinmaier | Predevelopment Automotive at SGF
Technical Fundament of our Exhaust-Solutions

Our Products

From renowned car manufacturers to hidden champions among the suppliers – they all rely on SGF products around the exhaust. And for good reason. Because with our products, they manage to stay at the forefront of the industry in the future.

Here you will find a small selection of the components we use. In addition, you can obtain numerous customized solutions from us. Our claim: No matter what kind of hanger system you need, we have a suitable solution. 

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Product solutions from SGF

3 good Reasons

Special requests? Anytime!

Do you need a specific width of the winding package? Or a special geometric size? Then SGF is the right place for you. Thanks to our patented thread technology, we can customize almost all exhaust-related products to meet your exact requirements.

Thousandfold Proven a million times over

Our exhaust-related products have been used in the automotive industry for many decades. And for good reason. Because they are not only technologically mature, but also always one step ahead thanks to constant further development.

Resilient? Strong as a bear!

Our patented cord-reinforced fiber enables up to 14,000 times (!) the strength of conventional products. The life expectancy of our components is correspondingly high.

Everything from one hand

SGF is your development partner for automotive. Together we develop products that meet individual requirements. Thanks to over 75 years of experience we are able to develop solutions for the most demanding tasks.

In-house materials laboratory

When developing products, we use state-of-the-art materials laboratory to ensure best possible solution for your application. In doing so, we develop and process various elastomer compounds (NBR, SBR, EPDM, silicone / VMQ) according to requirements.

Virtual product development

Virtual product development includes multi-body simulation (MBS), finite element method (FEM)  and FKM evaluation (strength verification). Rapid prototyping is used to verify calculation and measurement.

In-house Testing

Validation of design and products done in-house according with customer specifications.

Your personal contacts

Do you still have questions about our products, our technology or do you want us to develop the right solution for you? No problem! We look forward to the exchange with you! 

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