Flexible Coupling


The SGFlex-3F coupling system combines the industry-proven SGFlex flexible discs with forged steel flanges and flywheel connections.

The perfect Cord Reinforced Coupling System


The SGFlex-3F coupling system incorporates industry proven SGFlex discs with solid steel flanges or flywheel combinations to provide an integrated solution to our customers.


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Robust and resistant
SGFlex discs are very robust and resistant. They are made of extremely resilient cord inlays and high quality elastomer to ensure reliable power transmission in any application.

Ideal for compensating misalignments
SGFflex discs are torsionally flexible, non-switching couplings. They are used to compensate for radial, axial and angular misalignments of rotating of rotating parts, dampen vibrations in the drive train and minimize peak loads. Common applications are pump systems, hydraulics drives and conveyor drivelines.

Also ideal for special machines thanks to high power density
The high power density and strength of SGFlex discs make these discs ideal for all types of specialized machinery, such as wood chippers, shredders and rock crushers.

Made of high quality forged steel
The steel flanges are made of high quality forged steel and their innovative design meets all common as well as custom requirements for shaft-hub connections.

The 3-arm flanges can be easily machined and adapted to your individual requirements, for example for keyway or splined shaft connections. In addition, the flanges can accommodate very large shafts due to the unique triangular contour.

The Components

Robust. Lightweight. Flexible. This is the short description of our SGFlex-3F coupling. It consists of the SGFlex disc, which has been used a hundred million times, and steel flanges made of high-quality forged steel. The individual components are explained in more detail below.

SGFlex Disc

Power is transmitted almost exclusively via the vulcanised-in cord inlays (Tenpu® fiber technology) by the unique SGF tension-forceprinciple.

The cord inlays serve to damp torque peaks and to absorb start-up impacts. The rubber takes on a supporting and protective function for the cord inlays and serves to isolate noises due to the interruption of the structure-borne noise path. 

Common applications

  • For connecting combustion engines and generators, including any related drive equipment in power plants and power stations
  • As a flexible disc in drivetrain such as vibrating screens and test benches
  • For movement compensation and vibration absorption between engines and hydraulic pumps in forklifts, cement trucks or other similar equipment
  • As a flexible connecting element in mixers, pumps and agricultural machinery 
  • For connecting the transmission and drive shaft in road, rail, mining, military or marine applications

Flange variants

The steel flanges are made of high-quality forged steel and, thanks to their innovative design, meet all common as well as customer-specific requirements for shaft-hub connections.

All flanges are corrosion-protected by a galvanic coating, which ensures excellent storability as well as protection against aggressive media and environmental influences. Applications in forage harvesters, biogas plants or under salt water atmosphere in marine applications confirmed the excellent resistance under these demanding environmental conditions.

SGFlex flanges and discs are connected by a simple bolted joint. Only high-quality bolts (grade 10.9) and washers (300 HV) are used for this purpose. The direct bolting into the flange allows very simple assembly.

This design allows the SGF discs to be radially disassembled and reassembled simply by loosening the screws. It is not necessary to dismantle or move the flanges.

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Shrink Disc

Clamping Set

Taper Lock

Spline Connection 

Huge Shafts

Key Connection

Performance Data in the Standard Range

mm Ø

The Series

The flexible discs assembly SGFlex-3F Series is an assembly consisting of a SGFlex flexible disc, a drive flange and a driven/output flange.

The series includes three types of couplings. Each is available in six sizes: 75, 96, 120, 140, 180 and 220mm. The nominal torque range is between 200Nm and 3,200Nm, depending on the size. 

Example: SGFlex-3FD096D= Type | 096 = Size in mm 


For shaft-shaft connections

This coupling is designed to connect power units with shaft connection, for example an electric motor with a hydraulic pump. The flanges can be machined to fit almost any shaft design.

The coupling is easy to install, both fully assembled and step-by-step in individual parts. For maintenance, the flex coupling can be replaced without moving the power units or the flanges.

The SGFlex-3FD coupling is reliable in operation and easy to handle.


For single-sided shaft connections

This coupling is designed to connect an existing connection to a shaft connection, for example a pulley to an electric motor. The existing component has to be slightly adapted for the connection of the flex coupling, but this allows saving of additional components and thus costs. 

The SGFlex-3FS coupling is an intelligent solution for applications with suitable components for connecting the flex coupling and combines this with the advantages of the SGFlex-3FD.


For flywheel-shaft connections

This coupling is designed to connect engine flywheels to shaft connections, for example to a gearbox or generator. The flanges for the connection to the flywheel are standardized according to SAE J620. The flanges for the shaft connection can be adapted as required. 

The SGFlex-3FF coupling combines the advantages of ready-made flanges for the flywheel connection with high flexibility for the shaft connection.

In no time at all.

The SGFlex-3F-ALIGN centering system makes it very easy to replace the flexible discs including the two centering flanges. You do not have to move any machine parts.


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What are the advantages of the SGFlex-3F-Series?

The SGF tractive force principle ensures that power is transmitted almost exclusively by the vulcanized cord inlays as tractive force.

The cord inlays (Tenpu® fiber technology) simultaneously provide damping of torque peaks and absorption of start-up shocks. The elastomer takes on a supporting and protective function for the cord inlays and serves to isolate noise by interrupting the structure-borne sound path. 


No need to lubricate

High power density

High power density due to power transmission through Tenpu® fiber technology


Insensitive to shock loads

In use e.g. for these Industries

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