Achieving more together

Quality & Sustainability

Quality and sustainability are indispensable pillars for responsible and future-oriented development.

Achieving more Together

SGF has developed into a market leader with its products in the more than 70 years since it was founded as a family business. We offer our customers intelligent solutions for decoupling and damping vibrations and noise in technical drive systems in stationary and mobile applications.

Our core competence, defined in this way, is closely linked to mastery of the specialized materials, tools and machine technology used to manufacture the products.

Always one step ahead
In a wide range of automotive and mechanical engineering applications, our products meet the highest requirements in terms of functionality, safety, service life and comfort. Their constant further development, including processes, in close cooperation with customers and partners, ensures that our technical solutions are always up-to-date and competitive. In this way, we also sustainably secure the economic future of our company.

Fair comes first
The management and all employees of SGF are committed to responsible and lawful conduct. This principle has been anchored in SGF’s internal rules of conduct for many years.

High customer satisfaction, safety and health of our employees as well as the protection of the environment are priority corporate goals for SGF. Therefore, we consider the continuous improvement of our products, processes, environmental and occupational health and safety performance to be both an obligation and a central task.

Demanding quality, environmental and occupational safety targets in all areas, as well as compliance with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements are driving forces for us. These principles also include the contractual obligation to implement environmental protection management systems and to comply with labor and social standards. They prohibit bribery and corruption and oblige us to pass this prohibition on to subcontractors as well.

Corporate culture makes the difference

Appreciative leadership, trust and tolerance in our dealings with one another characterize our corporate culture and contribute significantly to our success. Hereby, SGF also assumes its social responsibility and is committed to respecting and complying with internationally recognized human rights.

To implement this corporate policy, SGF maintains an “Integrated Management System” for all plants, certified according to IATF 16949, ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001 / 50001. This system also meets the requirements of the European Automotive Working Group on Supply Chain Sustainability. This makes us a preferred partner in the automotive and other industries. 

These principles determine our behavior towards our customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and our environment. 

- Made in Germany

SGF’s quality policy was developed and defined by the company management in cooperation with the management team. It is understood by the managers at all levels and is supported, exemplified and enforced by them. All SGF employees and suppliers are informed about our quality policy. It is part of the company policy.

Customer satisfaction is one of our highest corporate principles. We achieve it through the high quality of our products, their delivery on time and in the right quantity, and cooperation with our customers on a partnership basis by all SGF employees. The benchmark for quality is defined by the customer. Therefore, his evaluation of our quality is also decisive.

Each individual employee contributes to the quality of our products, services and public perception through his or her personal conduct and performance. This also means that all activities relevant to quality and product safety are consistently planned, controlled and monitored.

In this way, we meet the defined requirements as they are presented to us in the form of customer specifications, rules and regulations or other requirements.

By means of a continuous quality improvement process, we continuously increase the quality of our products and services through the commitment of all employees at all levels. We are guided by an established key performance indicator system with periodic.

ISO 9001_2015 certified

For many years we have been certified by TÜV Nord according to ISO 9001_2015. 

  Certificate for Waldkraiburg (PDF)
  Certificate for Location Thailand (PDF)

IATF 16949 certified

IATF 16949 is considered the global quality standard in the automotive sector. TÜV NORD (Germany) has certified our company according to this guideline. 

  Certificate for Waldkraiburg (PDF)
  Certificate for Location Thailand (PDF)

Ford Q1 certified

Since 2006 we are certified by Ford with Q1 thanks to our continuous quality. 

Environment & Energy

Environmental protection is a priority task in our society. Through intensive efforts in the area of operational environmental protection, we ensure compliance with relevant environmental legislation requirements at all times. In addition, we strive to continuously optimize our environmental protection performance and the use of resources.

For the realization and continuous improvement of operational and production-related environmental protection, SGF maintains an environmental management system at its sites in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 14001, into which the requirements for an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 are integrated.

The environmental management system represents a guideline that serves to provide all employees with a clear and unambiguous understanding of their responsibilities in environmental protection and guides them to behave in an environmentally compatible manner. 

Our environmental and energy management guidelines
  • Corporate management bears overall responsibility for environmental protection. It ensures that concrete goals and behaviors for implementing environmental protection exist and are adhered to at all levels.
  • The company’s management constantly informs, trains and motivates employees to behave in a responsible and environmentally conscious manner within the scope of their work. In this way, it promotes the environmental awareness of each individual and imparts the necessary expertise.
  • As part of the management system, environmental and energy-related aspects are taken into account from the outset in the development of products and processes; this includes in particular the environmentally and energy-conscious construction and operation of buildings as well as the procurement and manufacture of energy-efficient operating equipment.
ISO 14001:2015 certified

For many years we have been certified by DEKRA according to ISO 14001:2015.
  Certificate (PDF)

ISO 50001:2018 certified

ISO 50001:2018 is considered the quality standard for energy management systems. DEKRA has certified our company according to this guideline.
  Certificate (PDF) 

Occupational safety

Occupational safety at SGF is directed at all employees and areas of the company and defines the company’s social responsibility as well as the focal points derived from this for measures to implement. Continuous improvement and optimization of occupational health and safety is our claim and goal. 

Our environmental and energy management guidelines
  • The safety and health of our employees is our highest goal.
  • Safety and health take priority over production; safety defects in technical plant and equipment are rectified as quickly as possible.
  • Everyone is a role model and responsible for safety and health.
  • The necessary occupational safety equipment for safe and accident-free work is consistently used.
  • Cleanliness and order mean safety.
  • Safety and health awareness is continuously improved.
  • Risk assessments are reliably conducted; safe work practices and procedures are also developed in the process.
  • The safety principles of SGF apply uncompromisingly, even to external parties.

Compliance with these requirements is ensured by regular plant inspections by the company management and safety specialists.

ISO 45001:2018 certified

SGF is certified by DEKRA according to ISO 45001:2018. 
  Certificate (PDF)

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