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Procurement Focus

We place the highest demands on our own products. We expect the same
the same from our raw materials. Quality and cost-effectiveness are our top priorities.

Based on our core competence, our procurement focus is on the following areas: 

  • Technical Rubber Compounds (NR, NBR, SBR, EPDM, VMQ)
  • Precision Steel Pipes (DIN EN 10305-2, DIN EN 10305-1)

In addition, there is a need for various drawing parts with predominantly complex requirements.

Our purchasing scope comprises the following production technologies:

  • Turned parts for the automotive sector: to approx. Ø 200mm
  • Large turned parts for industrial applications: to approx. Ø 3.200mm
  • Cold-forged parts
  • Punched and thermo-formed parts
  • Plastic injection molded parts
  • Castings (gray cast iron and spheroidal graphite iron, aluminum die casting)
  • Forged metal parts (die forged and open die forged)
  • Welded assemblies (MIG/MAG, laser/projection/resistance welding)
  • Galvanic coating (e.g. ZnNi, phosphating, Zn, ZnFe) 

Requirement Profile

A fair and cooperative partnership with our suppliers is essential for our success.

As a basis for a successful cooperation we expect from our suppliers: 

  • a certified quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015* or IATF 16949*
  • flexibility and safety in production and shipping
  • active cooperation regarding cost reduction measures
  • competent technical consultation and support
  • highly qualified employees and innovative technologies
  • acceptance of the SGF-outline agreement, purchasing requirements, and guidelines
  • compliance with all laws and regulations concerning the environment
  • dependability and fairness in all areas of cooperation with SGF

* respectively in the current version

as SGF-Partner

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