Rubber Composite

Rubber composite from SGF ensures maximum stability and optimum damping of noise and vibration.

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Rubber Composite Expertise

Whether for steering columns or side shafts, rubber composite from SGF scores in many respects: They are pleasantly compact in handling, reliably reversibly deformable and, thanks to their robust nature, can withstand even maximum loads.

All this makes them not only the ideal composite solution for vehicle components, but also an efficient and effective vibration and noise damper. 

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Our Products

In decades of research and development, our engineers have succeeded in setting ever new benchmarks for rubber composite. Accordingly, our products are already in frequent use. Perhaps they will soon be in use at your company, too?


SGF’s patented Tube-in-Tube system for steering columns is based on a sophisticated system of rubber dampers.

A strong radial preload shifts the load range completely into the compression range. Due to the pressure-based arrangement, the axial decoupling capacity can be increased by a factor of 3 compared to the conventional thrust-based arrangement. 

  • High steering comfort due to excellent decoupling behavior in all directions
  • Smaller diameter compared to the flex coupling
  • Limits torque peaks and thus protects downstream components
  • Maintenance-free over entire service life

Side Shaft Decoupler

Thanks to the side shaft decoupler, a smooth start-up with less vibration is ensured. It also reduces annoying clanking, rattling, shaking and chattering due to its isolation properties. The side shaft decoupler can be installed directly at the beginning of the project between the joints of the half-shaft or afterwards when NVH problems occur. 

  • Easy to integrate
  • Supports your CO2 target
  • Effective for EVs and ICEs
  • Solves your NVH problem

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Do you still have questions about our products, our technology or do you want us to develop the right solution for you? No problem! We look forward to the exchange with you! 

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