Flexible Drive Shafts

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That's the Perfect Shaft

The SGFlex-3FD-CONNECT flexible drive shaft is characterized by its modular design and versatility. It combines the advantages of the cardan shaft with those of the cardan disk and thus offers a vibration-damping alternative to cardan shafts with universal joints.

With our maintenance-free universal cardan shafts, large shaft distances can be bridged effortlessly. At the same time, aggregates are protected by reducing vibrations thanks to the proven Tenpu® fiber technology.

This shaft system can also be operated at zero degrees of deflection, which often does not work for designs with constant velocity or universal joints. 


The patented alignment system SGFlex-3F-ALIGN combines resilience and flexibility of the flexible coupling with the support feature of the SGF alignment.

SGFlex-3F-ALIGN is

  • Lubricant-free
  • Maintenance-free
  • Proven millions of times over 
  • Easier to remove and install
  • Designed for use with the flex coupling

Thanks to its unique design, this system can be radially disassembled and reassembled simply by loosening the screws. The driving and driven machines do not have to be moved for this, the original alignment is retained.

SGFlex Flexible Disc

The SGFlex flexible disc benefits from TENPU® fiber technology, which simultaneously provides damping of torque peaks and absorption of start-up shocks. 

The enclosing elastomer serves as a protective function of the cord inlays and the isolation of noise by interrupting the structure-borne noise path. The SGF tensile force principle ensures that torques are transmitted almost exclusively through the vulcanized cord inlays as tensile force.

Flange variants

The steel flanges are made of high-quality forged steel and, thanks to their innovative design, meet all common as well as customer-specific requirements for shaft-hub connections.

Please click on one of the variants to enlarge it.  

Shrink Disc

Clamping Set

Taper Lock

Spline Connection 

Huge Shafts

Key Connection

Customized Solutions

If our standard products do not fit your application, we can of course offer solutions tailored exactly to your application.

Heavy duty version for stone crusher
High speed version, featuring carbon fibre for marine drive train
Featuring customer specific connection for test benches

Performance Data in the Standard Range

mm Ø
Solutions for higher torques

More CONNECT- Variants

Tenpu® fiber technology is adaptable so that it can be pressed into different shapes. Either in link element form, in a link coupling or in link elements pressed together to form a link coupling. This means that torques of up to 16,000 Nm are no problem. Thanks to this shape, we can install couplings in the smallest possible installation space. The SGFlex is the basis for our flexible couplings and flexible drive shafts.


The proven technology of flexible discs in a link coupling for double-cardanic applications.


Link couplings are link elements pressed together to form a ring. The advantage here is the flexible adaptation to existing connections.

Assambly? In no time at all.

The SGFlex-3F-ALIGN centering system makes it very easy to replace the flexible disc including the two centering flanges. You do not have to move any machine parts.


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Step 1:
Remove the 6 bolts.

Step 2:
Rotate the centering flanges until they no longer rest on the flange arm.

Step 3:
Lift the unit in radial direction. Installation works in reverse procedure.

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