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Hanger systems from SGF ensure efficient acoustic decoupling of components from the vehicle. They also reliably and effectively prevent annoying vibrations from being transmitted to the interior of the vehicle.

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Expertise for Hanger Systems

Whether for engines, exhaust systems or cables: Hanger systems from SGF enable reliable acoustic decoupling of components from the vehicle. This not only reduces unwanted noise, it also reduces unwanted vibrations. The result is a significant increase in driving comfort and enjoyment.

All products are united by their durability. They are compact and surprisingly easy to install.

By the way: Thanks to their nature, our product solutions can also be used at high temperatures.

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Our Products

Best-in-class solutions for the automotive industry – that’s what drives our engineers day after day and motivates them to deliver top performance. This is reflected not only in many patents, but above all in exceptionally high customer satisfaction.

What are you looking for a hanger system solution for? 

Exhaust Hanger

The cord-reinforced high-performance insulator was developed by SGF specifically for the exhaust hanger. It is made of either EPDM or silicone. It has a particularly high temperature resistance (even under extremely high loads) and has already been used millions of times by customers in the automotive industry. 

What further distinguishes it from conventional, pure rubber insulators:

  • 2-fold higher static horizontal stiffness
  • Up to 50% less weight thanks to compact dimensions
  • Reduced number of isolators required per vehicle
  • Static load capacity up to 140 Nm
  • Up to 10 times longer durability 

Single-hole Isolator

The modular system designed by SGF combines the customer specific bracket with the universal spring modul, made from EPDM or Silicone.
  • Very temperature resistant
  • Low dynamic stiffness
  • Particularly lightweight
  • Stable and durable

Engine Hanger

SGF has developed special connection elements. They score points for their extremely high tensile strength. This means that an electric motor can be suspended directly under the car body without the need for expensive and complex subframe structures. 

Another plus point is that the rope reinforcement allows the NVH value to be adjusted almost at will in any spatial direction. Numerous rubber and rope variations are available for this purpose.

Cable Holders

SGF cable holders allow cables and wires to be fastened securely, quickly and stably. They dampen annoying vibrations and thus ensure even better interior acoustics. Thanks to a clip connection, they can literally be mounted in no time at all.

  • Particularly heat-resistant; can also be used on the engine
  • Strong vibration damping
  • Simple and quick to install
Elemental to the big picture: The perfect suspension for vehicle components is like the first sentence of a compelling story.
Why to choose products from SGF

3 good Reasons

Thousandfold Proven a million times over

Our products have already been used millions of times in a wide variety of vehicles and have proven their worth even under severe conditions (e.g. due to high temperatures).

Various materials for choice

For some of our hanger systems you can choose the material used for them exactly according to your requirements (e.g. EPDM or silicone).

Easy and quick to install

Our hanger systems products are not only particularly robust and reliable, they can also usually be installed in just a few steps. This saves you time, money and nerves.

Your personal contacts

Do you still have questions about our products, our technology or do you want us to develop the right solution for you? No problem! We look forward to the exchange with you! 

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