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The modular link coupling system is based on Tenpu® fiber technology. The design with SGFlex link elements makes this large coupler flexible to use.

The perfect
Link Coupling

TENBEX-ECO link couplings are complex couplings consisting of individual SGF link elements. Here, the SGF link element functions as an elastic, force-transmitting tension element. Due to the tensile force-based design, SGF link couplings can generally be designed to be simple and robust. This SGF coupling concept allows for easy revision, as only link plates need to be replaced.

Ideal for compensating misalignments
SGF link couplings are torsionally flexible, non-switchable couplings. They are used to compensate for radial, axial as well as angular misalignments of rotating parts, dampen vibrations in the drive train and minimize load peaks.

Robust and resistant
The modular TENBEX-ECO coupling system uses very robust and resistant SGF link elements that can be used under extreme conditions. They are made of extremely resilient cord inlays (Tenpu® fiber technology) and high-quality elastomer.

The SGF tensile force principle ensures that torques are transmitted almost exclusively by the vulcanized Tenpu® fiber packages via tensile force. The elastomer assumes a supporting and protective function for the yarn packages and serves to isolate noise and vibration.

High power density
The high power density and strength of the SGF linkages make these couplings ideal for all types of specialized machinery, such as rock crushers, mills and screw conveyors. The metal parts of the coupling are protected against corrosion by an electroplated coating, which ensures optimum storability and protection against aggressive media and environmental influences. 

High-quality bolted connection
TENBEX-ECO flanges and SGF plates are connected by a simple bolted joint. Only high-quality bolts of grade 10.9 and washers of grade 300 HV are used. The direct bolting into the flange allows very easy assembly as well as disassembly of the straps.

Common Applications

  • Damping of torque peaks between drive and generator
  • Vibration damping in the drive train, for example in conveyor technology and test rig construction
  • For connection of combustion engine and generator in combined heat and power units and power generators (CHP, GEN-SET, emergency generator, …)
  • As flexible coupling in drive trains of rolling mills, lifting devices, agitators, pumps and agricultural machines
  • For connecting gears and drive shaft in marine applications, e.g. ship propulsion systems

Performance Data in the Standard Range

mm Ø

The Models

The modular TENBEX-ECO coupling system is divided into two areas of application:
Type F for connection to combustion engines and Type D for connection of two shaft ends.

The coupling systems are combined with extensions such as hub, intermediate flange and adapter flange. Adaptations to different boundary conditions can thus be made within the scope of the standard program without complex design. 

Various link element types are available for matching in terms of rigidity and torque capacity.


For flywheel-shaft connections

TENBEX-ECO-F couplings are used between combustion engine and a downstream system (e.g. gears, generator or hydraulic pump), whereby the connection is made via standardized flywheel geometries. 

Optionally available intermediate flanges and adapter flanges allow convenient radial removal of the coupling without having to move machine parts.


For shaft-to-shaft connections

TENBEX-ECO-D couplings connect two shafts of a drive train. In addition to our standard coupling geometry, we are also happy to offer you a customized solution.

Optionally available intermediate flanges and adapter flanges allow convenient radial removal of the coupling without having to move machine parts. 

Examples of Customized Solutions

In use e.g. for these Industries

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