Flexible Coupling


The unbeatable elastic coupling for torque ranges from 4,300 Nm to 13,200 Nm. Individual link elements pressed into a link coupling allow the coupling a high power density.

The perfect Cord Reinforced Coupling System

The new SGFlex-LC coupling system covers the power range between the SGFlex-3F and the TENBEX-ECO coupling systems.

The SGFlex link couplings used consist of individual link elements made of extremely resilient cord inlays with patented Tenpu® fiber technology and high-quality elastomer. 

Rubust and resistant
SGFlex link couplings are very robust and resistant. They are made of extremely resilient cord inlays and high quality elastomer to ensure reliable power transmission in any application.

Ideal for compensating misalignments
The SGFlex-LC series of coupling systems are torsionally flexible, non-switching couplings. They are used to compensate for radial, axial as well as angular misalignments of rotating parts, dampen vibrations in the drive train and minimize load peaks.

Common applications:

  • As an elastic connecting element for pumps, compressors and fans
  • For misalignment compensation between motor and hydraulic pump
  • For vibration damping in the drive train, for example in conveyor systems or in test rig construction

Also optimal for special machines thanks to high power density
The high power density and strength of SGFlex link couplings make these couplings ideal for all types of specialty machinery.

Made of high quality forged steel
The steel flanges are made of high-quality forged steel and, thanks to their innovative design, meet all standard as well as customer-specific requirements for shaft-hub connections. 

Individual adaptations
As an option, the cord-reinforced coupling system is also available with electrical insulation.

The Components

High-quality steel, perfectly matched elastomer compounds and the unique SGF-Tenpu fiber technology are the ingredients that make the SGFlex-LC so unique. The individual components are explained in more detail below.

SGFlex Link Coupling

The SGF tractive force principle ensures that torques are transmitted almost exclusively by the vulcanized-in cord inlays as tractive force.

The cord inlays (Tenpu® fiber technology) simultaneously provide damping of torque peaks and absorption of start-up shocks. The elastomer assumes a supporting and protective function for the cord inlays and serves to isolate noise by interrupting the structure-borne noise path.

Common Applications
  • For connecting the combustion engine and generator in combined heat and power units and power generators
  • As a flexible coupling in drive trains such as vibrating screens and test rigs
  • For misalignment compensation between combustion engine and hydraulic pump on forklifts, concrete mixers or similar working machines
  • As an elastic connecting element in agitators, pumps and agricultural machinery
  • For connecting the gearbox and drive shaft in rail and road vehicle and ship drives

Round flange

The steel flanges are made of high-quality forged steel. They are protected against corrosion by a galvanic coating, which ensures excellent shelf life and protection against aggressive media and environmental influences.

The flanges and flex couplings are connected by a simple bolted joint. Only high-quality bolts (grade 10.9) and washers (300 HV) are used. The direct bolting into the flange allows very simple assembly. 

This design allows the SGF flexible coupling to be radially disassembled and reassembled simply by loosening the screws. It is not necessary to dismantle or move the flanges or drive and driven machines.

Performance Data in the Standard Range

mm Ø

Assembly or change? In no time at all.

The SGFlex-LC is designed in such a way that it can be mounted and changed very easily even in tight installation spaces. For this purpose, no shifting of the aggregates is necessary, which considerably reduces changeover times and downtimes.

Step 1:
Loosening the screws

Step 2:
Remove the link coupling radially.

What are the Advantages of SGFlex-LC?

The SGFlex-LC can be adapted to customer requirements in terms of stiffness and nominal torque thanks to Tenpu® fiber technology. At the same time, no lubrication or the like is required in use. Our SGFlex-LC is designed for longevity and requires minimal maintenance, saving maintenance time and costs while ensuring reliable and uninterrupted operation.

Extremely long lasting

High-quality elastomer compounds and coated steel flanges ensure a long service life – even in difficult ambient conditions.

Maximum performance. Compact design.

Engineered for maximum power transfer in a compact design, our couplings provide unmatched performance and efficiency for your application.

Dirt. Salt. Stone. - No problem!

Applications in forage harvesters, in biogas plants or in the salty environment of the navy demonstrate the components’ outstanding resistance to aggressive environmental influences.

In use e.g. for these Industries

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