SGF stands for innovation by tradition. We have already been working continuously for 75 years to push the boundaries of what is technically possible.

Storage of Traction Batteries in Ladder Frames

Ladder frames have relatively low torsional stiffness.
Traction batteries attached to the ladder frame can be damaged by the torsion.

The SGF battery mount prevents any influence of ladder frame torsion on the battery.

In addition, the elastic mounting protects the battery from excessive track excitation.

The points centered on the respective section of the ladder frame always form a common plane, even if the ladder frame twists. The 4 bearings are positioned on these points.
When additional bearings are used, they are connected with a compensating mechanism that raises or lowers the additional bearings.

Flexible Discs for the Side Shaft

The advantages of flexible discs, such as low mechanical losses, are not only evident when they are used in the longitudinal shaft, but also when they are used in the side shafts.

Depending on the application and field of use, conventional flexible discs can be used or also new designs such as arrangement of the loop packs in star form or structure as a double flexible disc.

In addition to the classic arrangement of the units, motor(s) and gearbox, flexible discs are also ideally suited in combination with wheel hub gearboxes, both spur gearboxes and planetary gearboxes. Due to the lower torques in the sideshafts, both the sideshafts themselves and the flexible discs can be designed to be more filigree.

A flexible disc does not work by means of a displacement of balls or rollers, as a metallic sideshaft joint does, but is based on an elastic deformation of the flexible disc, i.e. the fiber and rubber material. Since there is no need for grease filling, the flexible disc is not only maintenance-free over its entire service life, but also results in lower losses, especially at low operating torques. 

Lateral Shaft with Reduced Losses

Novel arrangement of the sideshafts of a vehicle with significantly smaller deflection angles than conventional arrangement with internally located joints.

Shown here as an example of two designs in which the increased length of the sideshaft is clearly visible. The type of joint used in each case is a flex coupling, but other joint types are also possible. 


A reduction of the deflection angle in the joints and thus a reduction of the mechanical losses is achieved by an extended sideshaft, which uses the additional overall length of the wheel hub and/or the drive. 

Can also be combined with wheel hub gearboxes (with or without balancer coupling).

Flexible Joint Coupling for Wheel Hub Transmission

Wheel hub gears offer several advantages, in particular they allow lighter sideshafts due to the lower torque at the gear input. In addition, it is possible to position the sideshaft off-center to the wheel, which offers further advantages, for example the drive shaft can be guided past the wheel spring. 

A flexible disc between the wheel hub and the wheel transmission keeps deformations harmful to the wheel transmission, resulting for example from the finite stiffness of the wheel bearings, out of the transmission.


Deformations of the wheel bearing, for example when cornering, are harmful to the gear teeth inside the transmission. To avoid this, a compensating element decouples the wheel hub from the transmission input or output.

Can also be combined with side shaft with lower losses.

SGF Elastomer Clamp Connection

Replacement of an adhesive connection by a clamp connection to reduce costs and improve recyclability.

Shown here using the example of a center bearing and a bearing for air-conditioning compressors.

A high frictional force is built up in the clamping area, replacing the adhesive connection. A form closure can also be created in addition. 

From the invention of the wheel to the emergence of the Internet, technical innovations have repeatedly challenged the status quo and led us into a future full of possibilities. At SGF, we therefore invest a lot of time and financial resources in research and development. This is reflected not only in a large number of patents, but above all in the high satisfaction of our customers.

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