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From jackhammers to cars to high-speed trains, SGF components reduce unwanted movement and provide comfort.

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Expertise for Vibration Damping

Drinking a fresh pilsner at the on-board bar while standing on the train at a speed of 300 km/h? Open the asphalt for hours with a jackhammer without getting heavy arms? Enjoying the smooth ride in the car? Unthinkable without vibration damping!

Whether in cars, trains or in mechanical engineering: efficient absorption contributes significantly to increasing comfort, protecting components, improving performance and efficiency and reducing noise.

This is precisely why SGF has been committed to the development of equally sophisticated and forward-looking solutions in vibration damping for more than 75 years.

Years Experience

Proven Solutions from SGF in Use

5 Examples from the Industry

# Automotive
Smooth: Our products help minimize driving noise, road bumps and propulsion vibrations, for example.
» SGF for Automotive

# Railway
Quiet as a whisper: Our solutions make train travel even more comfortable at high speeds or on winding routes. 
» SGF for Railway

# Agriculture
Deeply relaxed: For even more comfort, precision and efficiency when controlling agricultural machinery.
» SGF for Agriculture

# Drive Engineering
Reducing vibrations in the drive systems noticeably reduces the load on the components. Wear and potential damage are minimized, service life is significantly increased. 
» SGF for Drive Engineering

# Construction Machines
Unshakable: Reducing vibration and shock helps minimize potential health problems such as back pain, joint discomfort or muscle fatigue. It also makes for even more effective work.
» SGF for Construction Machines 

Vibration damping is a key contributor to effectiveness, efficiency and reliability in many industries. Learn more about our Industry-Branch Solutions.

Why SGF Products

3 good Reasons

The market offers countless products for vibration damping. But many of these products are “off the shelf” and therefore often only very conditionally suitable for your specific requirement. So if you’re looking for a solution that meets your exact requirements, it’s best to choose SGF. Why? Here are the reasons:

Experienced thanks to 75 years of expertise

SGF’s engineers know the requirements for vibration damping inside out. After all, our company has been researching and developing in this area of application for more than 75 years. Our expertise is correspondingly high. This is precisely why numerous well-known companies rely exclusively on our solutions. Perhaps you will too soon?

Always one step ahead

We believe: An engineer’s work is never done. This is precisely why we devote a considerable amount of time and financial resources to our internal research into vibration damping.

Personally there for you

As a medium-sized company, we maintain a partnership with our customers that deserves the name. With us, you always have a personal contact person. No matter whether it is about the development of a new product exactly for your application or about an organizational question. 

Together with our customers, we have already cracked numerous – even tough – nuts in the damping of vibrations. That makes us proud!
Technical foundation of our solutions

Our Products

From global players to small and medium-sized companies – they all rely on SGF products for vibration damping. And for good reason. Because with our products, they will manage to stay at the forefront in the future.

Learn more about our sophisticated products now by clicking on the respective tile.  

  Vibration Absorbers

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  Support Systems

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  Support Systems

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  Support Systems

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  Flexible Discs
  0 – 6.400 Nm

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You are still unsure which product is best suited for your challenge? Or do you have very specific requirements for one of our products?

Your next Project

What is your challenge? For which tricky topic related to vibration damping are you looking for a suitable solution? Our products are suitable for a wide range of applications. It would go beyond the scope of this page to list all these areas. Therefore: Get in touch with us. Tell us about your challenges. Together, we are sure to find a suitable solution for you.

Everything from one hand

SGF is your development partner for automotive. Together we develop products that meet individual requirements. Thanks to over 75 years of experience we are able to develop solutions for the most demanding tasks.

In-house materials laboratory

When developing products, we use state-of-the-art materials laboratory to ensure best possible solution for your application. In doing so, we develop and process various elastomer compounds (NBR, SBR, EPDM, silicone / VMQ) according to requirements.

Virtual product development

Virtual product development includes multi-body simulation (MBS), finite element method (FEM)  and FKM evaluation (strength verification). Rapid prototyping is used to verify calculation and measurement.

In-house Testing

Validation of design and products done in-house according with customer specifications.

Your personal contacts

Do you still have questions about our products, our technology or do you want us to develop the right solution for you? No problem! We look forward to the exchange with you! 

  Give us a call: +49 8638 605 0
  Or drop us a line:
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